your life is just about to get
easier and more organised.

The Time Fairy

What is a personal concierge & lifestyle manager?

Essentially it is someone who will simplify your life. Think of me as your very own personal assistant, but for the home, not the office. I will restore clarity and order to your life, and help you achieve the balance between what you have to do and what you want to do.

What services are on offer?

As well as all the mundane everyday tasks such as grocery shopping and arranging vehicle servicing, I can also plan your children's birthday parties, assist with and co-ordinate your wedding planning, research your holiday destination, help you relocate your home, do your Christmas gift shopping and much more. Just take a look at my services page for a more in-depth list of services. Remember though, this list is not exhaustive. Just ask me, and if I can do it I will.

How does the service work?

Every client relationship begins with a face to face consultation. At this meeting we will discuss the tasks that you need some extra help with. I may also identify some other areas where you would benefit from my help that you just hadn't thought of yet. Once we have met and you have put your trust in me to help out, you can then concentrate on using your free time to spend with family and friends.

What does the service cost?

You can purchase time either by the hour or in half and full days. You can also purchase a gift voucher for another friend or family member. Go to my pricing page for more details.

How will it help me?

By using the services of The Time Fairy you will enjoy a calmer and less stressful lifestyle. You will have more time to do the fun and important things in life, like spend quality time with family and friends, use your days off to go on outings, enjoy relaxing and worry free holidays or simply just sit back and relax in the knowledge that everything is being looked after. A lifestyle manager should be considered as an essential and integral part of any busy person's life.

Who should use the service?

New mums, travelling business men/women, bachelors, FIFO workers, young career executives, regular travellers, new immigrants, brides to be, small business owners, in fact anyone who considers their time to be precious.